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Maharishi Birth Centenary Year Celebration 2017-2018
01-Bhagwat Ji passing award Brahmachari Girish Ji being honoured with flowers at
Maharishi Birth Centenary Celebration by MIMM & MCE BANGALORE

Brahmachari Girish Ji addressed a press meet at the Taj Gateway Hotel, Bangalore. Speaking to media persons, Brahmachari Girish Ji elaborated "Maharishi Ji always said that 'Life is Bliss and not for suffering' and with this message, he filled the humanity with fragrance of hope, enthusiasm and positivity. On the basis of Indian ancient eternal knowledge and traditions, he had declared the dawn of “Age of Enlightenment–GyanYug” in the year 1975 and had expressed that on the strength of Indian eternal knowledge of life, India as supreme leader in the world of wisdom will effectively guide each country of the world and its people to lead heavenly life for all time to come. 
He also shared on the wide establishments of the Maharishi Institutions in India and the world with special emphasis given to “148 Educational Institutions, with over 6500 staff and over 2.5 lakh students”. He covered the importance of Transcendental Meditation and the way it brings about the holistic functioning of the brain and its complete coherence. 
In reply to another question Brahmachari Girish Ji further said that “in order to promote the knowledge, philosophy and teachings of His Holiness Maharishi Ji, many educational and spiritual institutions have been established in India and worldwide. All the members of Maharishi Organisations will celebrate the Birth Centenary Year with zeal and fervor. Establishment of a permanent group of 3,500 Yogic Flyers for increasing positivity in collective consciousness of India, imparting of 'Maharishi Consciousness Based Education' in every city, construction of Maharishi VedVigyan Centers in every city and block for disseminating the knowledge relating to AshtangYog, TM- Siddhi programme including Yogic flying and Vedic Science, construction of 48 Brahmanand Saraswati Cities wherein 1,500 Vedic Pundits will perform Yagya Anushthan for creating happiness, peace, prosperity, perfect health, enlightenment and invincibility in the world family, establishment of Maharishi Vedic Health centre in every city and Maharishi Medical college in every State, to publicise the principles and experiments of Maharishi Organic Agriculture and to create harmony and balance in the nature by learning, teaching and organizing programmes of Maharishi Gandharv Veda will be important programmes to be start and organized throughout the year. 100 conferences all over India and Yagyanushthan will be organised in all main centers of pilgrimage-Teerth with the sankalpa of peace, prosperity, perfect health, enlightenment for all citizens and invincibility to all nations.”


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